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Name:Billy Kaplan
Birthdate:Oct 12
Billy and his brother Thomas Shepherd were reincarnations of the Scarlet Witch and Vision's twin sons.

Billy had troubles with bullies due to his sexuality. While sitting in front of Avengers Mansion, he briefly met the Scarlet Witch, who told him that he 'could take care of himself' and encouraged him to stand his ground. Billy took her advice and stood up to his bully, John Kesler. Billy's powers emerged for the first time, but Billy lost control and nearly killed Kesler.

As he began to use his powers more and more he sought out the Scarlet Witch for help, only to find out that the Avengers had disbanded. It was then thatIron Lad came to him, who revealed that Billy was a part of the Vision's failsafe program to ensure an active roster of Avengers, which resulted in him joining the Young Avengers. He began dating his teammate Hulkling. He originally chose the code name Asgardian, but later changed it to Wiccan.

Billy tried to tell his parents that he was an aspiring superhero, but they misread his intentions and assumed that he was revealing his relationship with Teddy. Though his parents thought Teddy would make an excellent son-in-law, they were unaware that he was a practicing witch dating a shapeshifter. The nature of his heroic activities and the danger associated with became apparent when the Super Skrull nearly destroyed the Kaplan's upper west side home in his attempt to kidnap Hulkling. Billy's mother started freaking out.

During the Civil War Wiccan was captured and imprisoned in Negative Zone Prison 42. He was later released when Hulkling, disguised, as Hank Pym, freed all the prisoners in the complex.

After the war, Billy went with Speed to look for the Scarlet Witch. They found and battled Master Pandemonium, who claimed that they would only find pain if they continued their search, so Billy accepted this and left.

Billy is current up to the latest issue of Avengers: The Children's Crusade. I also play him at 18 or older. In this line, Billy is the apprentice of Dr. Strange, and is a candidate for the next Sorcerer Supreme.

Billy Kaplan, Marvel, and Tom Sturridge aren't mine. I make no money from this as this is entirely for fun. Mun and muse are over 18.
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