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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
-Friedrich Nietzsche


Very few people have made it into the realm the demon Mephisto calls Hell and have come out unscathed. It is his world, and he very nearly always knows who walks through it. That said, the realm of Mephisto is the very definition of wicked. Lit by its own infernal hellfire, the dimension seems to expand out into eternity in every direction. It's derelict, earthen, and at places the ground seems more fragile than the wings of a butterfly. The realm is cut with the kind of landscape one would expect from a Gothic horror story, or if someone had taken the most terrifying depictions of the nine levels of Dante's Inferno and twisted them to make them somehow worse.

Men and women of various species populate the land, some still in the forms they'd been in before losing their souls. Still others have been twisted into classic caricatures of the demonic or something completely inhuman and entirely Eldritch in appearance. Nothing here is pure. At least, no longer. Though they may hate their master, the only thing any of them are capable of doing is obeying.

Somewhere within this world is Billy Kaplan, his body flayed relentlessly while images of betrayal flow before his eyes, taunting him, trying to get him to break in order for Mephisto to claim he and his twin that much more easily. These children were borne of him, and he swears he shall have them back.

The dimension shifts and changes with the turning of the winds or the moods of its master. A group together may in an instant become separated. The best of friends may be beset upon by each other. Nothing in this dimension is as it seems, but above all else, one thing may be certain.

The greatest enemy one has in hell is one's self.


Wanda Maximoff and Tommy Shepherd are currently indoors at Wanda's home in Jersey City, behind several very strong wards she's erected. Already, Mephisto's forces have located this spot and are currently trying to break through the wards of the Scarlet Witch. With time, perhaps they will actually accomplish this feat, especially with the increasing worry of the creator.

Included now in the attack is one who would want the power of the mother for himself, Mephisto's own son, Blackheart. It's only a matter of time before this area breaks down and they claim their prize.


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Billy Kaplan

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