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NAME: William "Billy" Kaplan (Wiccan)
SERIES: Marvel Comics- Young Avengers
HISTORY: History for Billy here.
TIMELINE: I'm taking him slightly ahead of the current storyline he's in right now.
PERSONALITY: Billy is definitely a nerd. Growing up, he's been nothing if not passionate about various forms of entertainment, his favorite being the comic medium. In Marvel, most comics are stamped by a government department known as the "Comics Code Authority", basically accepting these printings as historical documents. Because of this, Billy has often pointed out, mid-battle, inconsistencies regarding the behavior of various heroes and villains.

Billy is a bit of a hard-head. More often than not, he'll run into a dangerous situation with little more than a half-baked plan and a hope that things will come out okay. He's passionate about what he believes in, and becomes disappointed whenever a hero he's idolized doesn't live up to expectations. It's also shown in his insistance to the people he works with that he and fellow team mate Tommy Shepherd are the reincarnations of Wanda Maximoff's children, which until recently, had only a small rumor made for it to be true. This insistence led to the quest for Wanda, which led to not only finding her, but a manhunt for Billy and Wanda, his temporary depowering at the hands of Doctor Doom, and the near death of Wanda at the hands of one of their team mates.

His passionate personality also leaves him a bit sensitive to the issues around him. During a time that he and his boyfriend were captured in such a way that Billy was unable to use his powers, he was forced to watch the repeated attempts of vivisection on his boyfriend. Even though his powers were rendered useless, his attempts to knock out their captor eventually turned into attempts to outright murder him. He loves his blood family dearly, and tries as often as possible to reconcile his life as a superhero with the peace his family wishes. He tries to hide this behind a wall of snark, but can be compassionate when needed to be.

ABILITIES/POWERS: Billy is a mutant with the inherited abilities of his mother, the Scarlet Witch, spanning more to the manipulation of Chaos and reality than true probability manipulation. He uses this by casting various "spells", focusing his intent and repeatedly stating his wish until the desired effect takes place. However, it isn't always necessary for him to do this. Lately he's been able to occasionally cast spells without stating intent, and other spells don't need to be spoken at all for him to cast them. The most common of these nonverbal spells are flight, lightning generation, and projection of energy.

The limits of Billy's powers are, as of now, unknown, but it's been postulated that his scale of power might equal those who have been able to shift an entire dimension's paradigms. As of now, he's been seen to create forcefields, teleport either himself or others, transfigure objects and people, induce sleep in those around him, unintentionally summon other magical beings, and warp reality at a minor scale.

Billy's power, however, does have a weakness. If he's unable to hear himself or otherwise unable to talk, he's unable to utilize any of his powers, whether they need to be verbally spoken or not.

TIME OF ARRIVAL: Let's go with night.

PLACE OF SOLACE: The Young Avengers hideout, a warehouse owned by team mate Kate Bishop but open for use by any member of the Young Avengers.


FIRST PERSON: So it's finally come to this. And, to be honest? It's not that bad. I mean, seriously, I've had to fight Norman Osborn's goon squad and their junior sidekicks, the world's most deranged time traveler, Doctor freaking Doom, and let's not forget that lovely interlude involving the warring Kree-Skrull armadas who wanted my boyfriend. Compared to that? I'm ready for a little bit of rest and relaxation in....whatever this world is. My only gripe? What's with the masks? I know, something really lame to complain about, but I'm a bit of a pessimist. Sue me.

Anyway, as I was saying, this isn't really that bad of a deal. I mean, the people seem happy, everyone's helpful, and most importantly, there isn't a robot or monster or robot-slash-monster of the week ruining my plans. This is a nice little twist of fate, to be honest.

So, when can I go home?

THIRD PERSON: It was impossible. There was no way that any of this could be going on, yet no matter how much Billy unconsciously willed himself to wake up, he wasn't suddenly gasping awake in his bed. Besides, the fact that he was sore, bruised, and likely bleeding in various spots kind of told him this wasn't a dream, no matter how much he wanted things to be different. He watched, in shocked amazement as the landscape of Avengers mansion shifted and warped around him in a sort of Bosch impression on the world around them. Statues and grave markers popped up from the gnarled lawn, the grass shrinking in on itself until it was a meticulously-tended area. The mansion itself went from a half-destroyed monument of what the Avengers once were to an undamaged, pristine building. A look at the graves quickly told Billy that some of the Avengers he knew were presently alive, were now buried under these headstones.

All of this was happening because of the green-and-purple suited man standing before he and his friends. Kang the Conquerer, a man whose sole wish in life was to conquer every man, woman, and child at all points in time, come to save the status quo that his younger self was inadvertantly destroying. The same boy who found him and told him that his powers could be used for good, who helped train him to become what he always wanted to be: a superhero. He demanded the boy return to his own time, but Billy didn't know what side to take. On the one hand, saving what he knew would be his best option. On the other? Nathaniel, the young Kang, quickly became one of the few friends he had. This was more than he could decide on his own.


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